Words Never Come Easily

Caught in the Web, the writer died

The Art of Writing is Dying

Everyone is a YouTube star. Everyone vies for Instagram followers. Facebook is a 'like' mill. Twitter is a sea of opinions. But what of the reader? The novelist needs an audience. The art of words deserves a renaissance. 

I do what I can to start the revolution.


Novels & Novellas

The Book of Seth

The Book of Seth

My name was Seth. In the first book of the Black Nether series, Seth is a broken man that discovers a world where he is sent to die.

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Son of Perdition

The Battle above the Elemental Chaos

Seth continues finds himself a wanted man in Book 2 of the Black Nether series. Everything changes when he meets Jaya.

Demons and Makers

The Astral White Temple

Book 3 of the Black Nether finds Seth trying to make a difference while learning how to hone his powers as Numeris.


Lost Land of the Numeris

In Book 4 of the Black Nether series, Seth enters the war willingly. He must find the shadow if he hopes to defeat Meledek.

Short Stories


Taken from the many film scripts I have written, these are the stories that built those screenplays.